What kinds of stone tops do you carry?

We carry Quartz and stone tops.

What do I use to clean the cabinetry?

For general cleaning, we recommend using an all-purpose cleaner, such as Green Works. See our Care and Maintenance PDF for more information.

What do I use to clean the stone tops?

For general cleaning, we recommend using an all-purpose cleaner, such as Green Works. See our Care and Maintenance PDF for more information.

Do you supply custom colour finishes?

Sorry, we do not.

Can you customize the width of the Quartz stone tops?

Not at this time.

Are filler strips required for installation? Are they available?

Filler strips are not required but are recommended for installation. They complete the job and enhance the final look. Required filler strips are provided with your order. Contact your local Dealer and speak to a Sales Associate for further details. If you require additional filler strips, please contact your local Dealer.

Can I purchase your vanity direct?

Visit lowes.ca to purchase a vanity online.

What is the warranty on St. Lawrence Cabinets products?

Your vanity comes with a 1-Year Lifetime Limited Warranty. You can contact the manufacturer for replacement.

Is your product Canadian made?

Our Head Office, warehouse and manufacturing facility are all located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. While we do source some parts and products from our Global factories, all our staff go out of their way to source locally whenever possible. While we cannot guarantee that your entire product is from Canada, we can assure you that Canadian hands have processed, assembled, painted, quality checked, distributed and delivered your order. We have always been and will always be a proudly Canadian company! We look forward to crafting your individual order while adhering to our high quality standards on each and every product we produce.

Do you ship anywhere?

We offer shipping across Canada.

Do you make custom vanities?


Do you supply sink hardware?

Our Quartz countertops come with a single hole drill pattern option for faucets. Reminder: faucets are not included with your order.

Do you offer accessories?

Not at this time.

Do you have a spec sheet?

Product specifications are available for each vanity combination listed on lowes.ca. If you require further information, please contact customerservice@stlawrencecabinets.com 

Does the vanity come with a backsplash and side splash?

Your vanity comes with one backsplash and the required number of side splashes based on your orders layout selection. If you require additional back or side splashes, please contact your local Dealer.

Who do I contact to find out my delivery date?

Visit lowes.ca and select a vanity to learn about delivery times.

Can I order a stone top without a pre-cut sink hole (in order to install a vessel sink)?

Unfortunately, we do not offer stone tops without a pre-cut sink hole.